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  • I've downloaded the files. Now what do I do?
    • First, you'll need a program such as Winzip ( to extract or unzip the files. This is a shareware program that is indispensable for anyone who downloads stuff from the Internet.
    • After you've installed Winzip, start it and load the file. Be sure that you are using the Classic Winzip interface, and not the Winzip Wizard. This is because the Wizard does not restore subdirectory/folder information that is stored in the file.
    • Hit the Extract button at the top to extract all the files. The extract window will come up, but before you go any further, make sure that you do two things: 1) Extract to the c:\ root directory, and 2) be sure to check the "Use folder names" check box. Otherwise, you'll be extracting to a folder deep in the depths of your hard drive, or the subdirectory/folder information will not be restored when extracting the files and you'll have made a big mess of your root directory.
    • By the way, all of this information is in the _readme.txt file in the file. If you forget any of this, just double-click on the _readme.txt file before unzipping to read it.
  • I've unzipped the files, but I only get my regular league files. What's up?
    • Assuming that you have followed the instructions above, after you start FBPro98, click Game Type, then League.
    • Next, click the Load League button at the bottom of the screen. This will bring up the league loading screen.
    • Scroll down until you get past all the yellow files and near the bottom you will find a gray VPNFL. Double click on that.
    • At the top of the next screen, you should see a yellow VPNFL99. Double click on that to load it.
    • That's it. The VPNFL files are now loaded into FBPro98.
    • If you don't see a gray VPNFL or a yellow VPNFL99 as described above, you'll have to extract the files again...and you'll probably want to delete all the files and folders which have been created somewhere on your hard disk -- probably the root directory or c:\Sierra\Fbpro98\Sierra\Fbpro98\vpnfl.
  • I can load the VPNFL files, but FBPro98 keeps crashing everytime I try to play a game.
    • This can be caused by a number of things, but the most likely suspects are as follows:
      • You have extracted the files into the wrong folder. It is most likely that you created c:\Sierra\Fbpro98\Sierra\Fbpro98\vpnfl, etc. This happened because you extracted to c:\Sierra\Fbpro98 when you should have extracted to the c:\ root directory.
      • There is a 0-byte play somewhere in the play folders. The VPNFL zip file creates a number of folders that contain all the plays. They are:
        • c:\Sierra\Fbpro98\Vpnfl\34 (3-4 defensive plays)
        • c:\Sierra\Fbpro98\Vpnfl\43 (4-3 defensive plays)
        • c:\Sierra\Fbpro98\Vpnfl\pass (pass plays)
        • c:\Sierra\Fbpro98\Vpnfl\run (run plays)
        • c:\Sierra\Fbpro98\Vpnfl\special (special team plays)
        • c:\Sierra\Fbpro98\Vpnfl\teamspec (plays specific to certain teams)
      • Sometimes, for some crazy reason that only FBPro98 can fathom, a 0-byte play is created in one of the above folders and if a game plan tries to load it at the beginning of a game, FBPro98 will crash. Go through the above folders and delete any and all 0-byte plays.
  • Why are there so many different folders for the plays?
    • The first reason is for clarity's sake. We felt that it would be a lot easier to search for certain plays if they were in their own folders. This was also a way to get around the notorious eight-character play name limit.
    • Another reason that only became apparent after we had quite a few plays is that, for some reason, FBPro98 will only display 512 plays or so in the Play Editor.
  • Where are the game plans?
    • The game plans are located in the c:\Sierra\Fbpro98\Vpnfl\Profiles folder.
  • How many different profiles are there?
    • Basically, there are three sets of offensive profiles (balanced, run oriented and pass oriented) and one balanced defensive profile set.
    • Some users are initially disappointed by this, but you can make your team less or more aggressive by the types of plays you put in your plan. It isn't the profiles or plans alone that make the VPNFL files more realistic, but a combination of the two.
  • What do I have to do to maintain the league in career play?
    • Jim Henley, the guy who had the original idea for the VPNFL files and did the bulk of the ratings work, explains here.
  • Do I have to edit the rookies when starting a new season?
    • Yes. However, don't despair. If you have Sullivan's FBEdit and Microsoft Excel, you can get Ryan Swift's utility that will put the rookies in line with VPNFL ratings. Check the Links & Leagues page to find FBEdit and Ryan's utility.
  • Are these files shareware?
    • No, they are totally free.
  • Who made these files?
    • The VPNFL files were made by Jim Henley (project leader) and Isamu Maruhashi (co-conspirator), with lots of assistance from Charlie Rogers, Ken Parker, Jim Hansen, Nick Cowie and John Frisby.