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Links & Leagues

*E-mail the webmaster with your URL if you want your site linked here, or if you think there is a site that should be linked.

VPNFL-Based Leagues

If you would like your league listed here, e-mail the webmaster with the relevant information (type of league, number of teams, etc.). Also, feel free to add a blurb to "sell" your league to potential owners/GMs (but I reserve the right to edit it ;-) ).


  • The PNFL
    The first online league to be based on the VPNFL files.
    18-teams, commish-simulated league and based on real NFL players.
    Custom plays, plans and profiles.

FBPro Links (sadly, all links are dead)

  • E.A. Gelat's Utilities Site
    Great utilities and great support.
  • Sundby's Utilities
    Probably the widest selection of FBPro utilities available and great support for them.
  • Sullivan's Utilities
    FPEdit for FBPro98 and earlier is now available here for free!
  • Jeff Pfaff's Utilities
    Lots of interesting niche utilities here.
  • SlashWare Utilities
    Slash continues to make utilities for the FBPro series, and has just completed a beta of a new program. According to Slash, "FBPlayCheck...was inspired by all the FBPro WON leagues that use VPNFL files that have popped up over the last few months. This utility captures your opponent's plays when you play on won and updates the play.log with the play they called."
  • FPSFPRO Tutorial
    Tutorial on making PPPs for FBPro. Based on FBPro 96, but still many valid ideas.