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For Users of Front Page Sports: Football Pro 96/97/98

This site was last updated:
October 29th, 2021

The Original VPNFL league was the PNFL

Games began on January 4, 1999 and still plays today over 22 years & 42 seasons later.

The commissioner is a founding member, Charlie Rogers, and has run the same team this entire time.

We have vpnfl compliant files and drafts for the last 22 calendar years.

If you want to play in the most competitive league and one of the last fbpro98 leagues around, please contact us.



Stuff :-)
  • The VPNFL 2002 Files by Jon Brumley
    Updated rosters, including potentials added.
    Many new offensive and defensive plays.
    New offensive game plans; defensive game plans reassigned and the proper kick and punt returners are in place for teams.
    A new profile system which allows owners to pick from 14 offensive and 6 defensive base profiles; every base profile contains a number of different substitution patterns.
    Punt blocks now produced at a realistic rate.
    Slight adjustments to the VPNFL player rating scale to help increase interceptions.
  • Finally!! The VPNFL 2001 Draftee files (.csv format) are here: VPNFL2001Draftees.zip (Be sure to read the included Rip2002.txt file.)
  • Here are the NFL's 2001 season rosters as created by Dale Ripley. Click the following to download. Rip2002.zip (Be sure to read the included Rip2002.txt file.)
    The following are the previous 2000 season end rosters that Rip put together. Rip2001.zip Be sure to read this from Rip first.
  • Here are the VPNCAA 2001 season files from Ian Lewis (with help from Jon Brumley).VPNCAA2001.zip

  • They're finally here! Click the following for the VPNFL-compliant 2000 NFL draftees: VPNFL2000Draftees.zip
    Note: If you used last year's draftee file, there will be two (and maybe more) duplicated players: S Tinker Keck and DE Kabeer Gbaja-Biamiala. This is because both of these players returned for another year because of injuries. Be sure to delete these guys before you import the players.

  • What the heck are the VPNFL files?
    • The VPNFL (Vaguely Plausible National Football League) files are a comprehensive fix to Sierra's Front Page Sports: Football Pro 98 (and FBPro96 and FBPro97 if you use Jeff Pfaff's League Retro utility -- see the Links & Leagues page to go to Jeff's website) made by Jim Henley, Isamu Maruhashi, et al. The goal of the files is very simple: realism. To that end, all player ratings have been rescaled, over 1,000 realistic plays have been created, game plans have been remade to better reflect what the actual NFL teams do, profiles have also been redone to reflect actual NFL football (no more one-point PATs when you're down by two points), and a few twists have been thrown in to boot.

To download the VPNFL files click here.
Note: The VPNFL99 zip file includes a _readme.txt file that explains how to install it. PLEASE be sure to read it or else you are going to mess up the installation. Also, be sure to use the "classic" Winzip interface and not the Winzip Wizard as that will also mess up installation of the files.

This page is devoted to those using the VPNFL files to play Sierra's orphaned Front Page Sports: Football Pro 98. We hope this site will be a place where users of the VPNFL files can interact, help each other out, and submit new variations on the theme of "realism."

We can't promise much, but we will do our best to make sure that FBPro98 with the VPNFL files will be as good as it gets when it comes to football sims.

Isamu Maruhashi